“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”


Moris Guterman


In addition to serving as CEO at E.V.A., Moris is the President and Founder of Ping Solutions, a licensed promotional goods firm serving the biggest movie studios and theatres around the world. Moris has spent the last 15+ years at the intersection between Marketing and R&D and guides E.V.A. in everything branding and finance


Luis Estrada

Head of Music

In addition to serving as Head of Music at E.V.A., Luis is the Managing Director of Aftercluv, the Latin American Dance division of Universal Music Group. Luis has 15+ years of experience in promoting and marketing top tier music in addition to developing aspiring musicians. Luis will guide E.V.A. in all music related decisions.


Jaime Lopez


In addition to serving as CTO at E.V.A., Jaime is the President and Founder of LPX Digital, an innovative production house that develops immersive experiences for live shows and corporate events. Jaime has spent 20+ years in the entertainment industry, previously working as the Video Director for Tiesto, Madonna, and Chris Brown.


Roy Lederman

General Manager

Roy will lead E.V.A.’s day to day operations, in addition to serving as a lead on business development and investment opportunities. Roy previously worked at A.T. Kearney, a management consulting firm focused on operations and top line transformations. Previously, Roy attended Stanford University.