Here at E.V.A., we are leveraging our expertise in character creation, music, and technology to create the first universe of virtual musicians. Our digital celebrities will live on social media and post their day to day lives and thoughts with the world. Our team is developing a comic book that will serve as an additional method of communication with our audience in order to share our characters’ story, origin, purpose and reason for existing. We are partnered with Aftercluv, a division of Universal Music Group (UMG), who is at the forefront of music trends and innovation in the industry. E.V.A. and UMG are working with top tier music producers to create original tracks for our virtual musicians that resonate with their style, personality, and overall cause. Once our digital personalities generate a significant online following, we bring them to life using our proprietary 3D projection technology. Our vision is for our “musicians” to fill arenas around the world becoming the biggest ever disruptors to the live show business.

Simultaneously, we are venturing into the corporate branding space, creating a software that ignites the relationship between brands and their consumers. With the “E.V.A. Player” software, brands will be equipped with the tools to build and customize their own unique virtual brand ambassador. Eliminating the uncertainty of giving up control over content to third parties, brands will use their virtual influencers for communication, live appearances and overall company marketing. E.V.A. will serve as creative directors and technology consultants throughout the iterative process of character creation and 3D modeling. The shift towards virtual brand endorsers has been prominent across all industries, and E.V.A. is at the forefront of this digital transformation.

Our company began in December of 2018, with visionary, co-founder, and chief technology officer Jaime Lopez. Previously, Jaime served as the Video Director for Tiesto for four years, and continues working on stage designs, lighting packages, and visual content for premier artists like Chris Brown, Madonna, and Carly Rae Jepsen to name a few. While on tour, Jaime began to envision a world in which virtual musicians scaled past the traditional human performer. These digital artists, he thought, can be more utilized, more adaptable, and more innovative in a time where technology is disrupting the traditional norms of industries around the world. With that in mind, Jaime partnered with Moris, a branding expert and Luis, the Managing Director of Aftercluv to develop E.V.A., a company focused on revolutionizing music and entertainment.